domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

A guide for complete neurological examination

There is no other system in the human body whose examination is as gratifying as that of the nervous system examination. A thorough examination helps us to pin point the level of lesion, combined with history it often helps to diagnose a potential cause of neurological deficit.
This guide gives a detailed discription of performing various neurological examination, normal findings and compares it with abnormal findings.
The videos presented here, gives a detail explanation how to perform a particular test. Moreover, the videos on abnormal findings give us an opportunity to see the findings on some of the cases which we hardly see as students.

Hope, this post is going to help a large number of targeted audience.
Please, make good use of this, and make worthwhile all the efforts that has gone on to publish this post.
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Dr. David Rosario

Click on the link below to view various categories:
    Mental Status Examination
Normal Mental Status Examination(Click Here) Abnormal findings on Mental Status examination(Click Here)
    Cranial Nerves Examination
Normal Cranial Nerve Examination(Click Here) Abnormal findings on Cranial Nerves examination(Click Here)
    Tests For Coordination
Normal Coordination(Click Here) Abnormal findings on Coordination(Click Here)
Motor System Examination

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